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I Want Private Sex Ways to humiliate a slave

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Ways to humiliate a slave

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Register Now - It's Free! My master has assigned me to create this list for the Lit community, since he's been urging me tk get back into online whoring now that the summer is almost.

At ways to humiliate a slave that's what he says. Although I just know I'm making him an idea list, he won't admit it.

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Some of these Salve experienced, others I'm having to come up. It's written from a male dom, female sub perspective but many of these ideas work in any gender relationship. Require her to report for permission every time she uses the toilet.

This is an oldie but a goodie. Great for age play and pet play, it has extra effect when you determine how the request should be ways to humiliate a slave -- for hot women in Fontana California a sub, the only thing more clit-awakening than asking "May I go to the bathroom, sir?

Set a minimum and maximum number of ways to humiliate a slave visits per day. This ensures she's drinking enough water, but can be very uncomfortable if she misjudges. If she needs to drink enough water to be pissing at least 12 times, but can't go more than 14, she'll be constantly thinking about controlling her body for you.

Ways to humiliate a slave

Allow literal toilet use only two or three times a day, or only for shitting -- the rest of the time, let her go as often ways to humiliate a slave she likes, but it has to be down the bath drain, in the backyard, in a litter box, in the kitchen sink, in a chamber pot or clear bowl Print out a log sheet and post it on the bathroom wall with a pen, then make her record every bathroom visit.

A wonderful low-effort micromanagement technique, this can be varied according to your play style as you make her record time in and time out for strict management play, note consistency and rate difficulty or need to go zlave medical roles, and earn gold stars for going lonely married women West Fargo North Dakota the potty for ageplay.

This also works well combined with Make her keep track of the volume of her pee. Keep a measuring cup in the bathroom and require her to use it to catch wayw piss. This lets you test how well she's holding it and how badly hhmiliate needed to go if you're limiting her, or make sure she's drinking enough if you're managing her intake. Set a ways to humiliate a slave schedule for. This can be fairly simple -- you must go and pee at 12 noon, 2 o'clock, 4 o'clock, and 6 o'clock every afternoon, and woe betide you if you can't go.

Or it can ways to humiliate a slave quite elaborate: Legislate tl minimum and maximum period for bathroom visits. Depending on ways to humiliate a slave number, this will result in her either rushing to empty herself in just too few seconds, or sitting on the toilet for five boring minutes able to think about nothing but doing exactly as you tell.

Setting a kitchen timer is asian sex St Austell nice touch with this rule as she waits for the bell to free her or to hhmiliate her humi,iate.

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ways to humiliate a slave Place clamps on her body every time she visits the bathroom. When I did this for a previous dom, it was two clothespins which were clearly labeled "piss pins"; I could place them on my nipples, my manchester looking for horny teens ways to humiliate a slave, my tongue, my ass cheeks, wherever I chose, but I had to be clamped to pee.

Whether she places them herself or has to bring them to you to be fixed on her body is up to you! Make her eat a waus while sitting on the toilet. Even if she's not required to pee during her dinner, this is ro unnerving experience.

Increase the emotional impact by telling her she can't be trusted to control herself for the length of a mealtime, so she'll just have to stay. This is a great punishment for an accident, or a fun thing to spring on her unexpectedly. Require her to spread herself with her hands before she can eliminate -- opening her ass wide to shit, holding her cunt lips apart while she pisses.

The MEGA list of Erotic Humiliation ideas ( strong!) | Lust Moments stories

If she forgets, give her some nice abrasions on her lips so that pee will sting and remind. Establish a rule that she must clean the toilet thoroughly every time she girls looking for sex 93257 it.

If she's into humiliation, ways to humiliate a slave is excellent -- you're so filthy that the toilet has to be cleaned whenever you touch it -- but it's also a subtle way to get her to control herself for you.

For a severe punishment, increase this to cleaning ways to humiliate a slave toilet both before and after she goes, or cleaning the whole bathroom every time she pees. Make her clean herself in a humiliatingly thorough way each time she uses the toilet. I had a dom who required this and called it my bitch-bath.

I used soap and ice water followed by toothpaste on my asshole for massage bandera tx nice burn, but try filling a squirt bottle with cold water for painful humiliatf jets, having her scrub herself with a toothbrush, or making her use a little diluted alcohol NOT strong acetone to wipe between her lips. As a humiliating addition to 12, mix her pussy-bath blend ahead of time try some of the old-fashioned alcohol mouthwash for a good tinglelabel it clearly as pussy and ass wash, and keep it visible.

Eau de Cunt? Tell her she is allowed to use the toilet whenever she wants, but she is not permitted to pull her panties. This keeps her from needing to wake ways to humiliate a slave for permission to ways to humiliate a slave in the morning if you don't have her sleep in panties, but makes her beg you the rest of the time.

When at a restaurant, eating in an unusual way; being fed; using your non- dominant hand, . Orgasm denial or other types of orgasm games can be humiliating and . The slave must come all over Mistress' largest dildo. All slaves and submissive males are given strict humiliation by their superior female Mistress. It keeps them in their place and maintains the. Well, it entirely depends on how the act is carried out and who it's carried out on. However, it is possible for some acts of degradation to ALSO humiliate. HOW ARE THEY USED? SLAVE TRAINING – Teaching them to perform certain acts.

Sometimes, refuse sexy girls in surrey pull them down and watch her panties get slowly wet while she sits on single chat room online toilet and pleads with you.

This also works nicely with split-crotch panties which she is forbidden to remove under any circumstance. Require her to strip completely every time she uses the toilet -- a nice way of sexualizing the use of her privates, and an especially difficult and possibly humiliating proposition in public restroom stalls. Forbid her to wipe.

This means she has a choice of calling you for help, waiting on the toilet until she drips dry, or dealing with a slightly damp crotch every time she pisses. This is great for Daddies and girls as, if she's been shitting, you can make her do as some parents require their little girls to do and bend over to touch her toes sitting or standing while you wipe ways to humiliate a slave up. Invest in a child's potty, an old chamber pot, or a bedpan and place it in the bathroom; make her use it, empty it into the toilet, and wash it each time.

Squatting on the floor to go while at eye level with the toilet is a great degradation and extra task. Put the toilet seat ways to humiliate a slave and keep it up, ways to humiliate a slave she has to be very careful how she sits on the uncomfortable rim. For an especially cruel look and a constant reminder, duct-tape the seat to the toilet tank so she can't sneak it down while she shits. Supervise her on the toilet. Depending on your roles, tell her that you're watching to make sure she doesn't touch herself, that you're making sure she behaves herself on the potty for Daddy, or simply that there's no part of herself she gets to hide from you.

Establish foot marks with painter's tape on the floor to remind her that a lady's legs should be held wide apart at all times, including while pissing.

Ways to humiliate a slave I Searching Real Sex Dating

Make her keep her feet on the marks while she goes. Ways to humiliate a slave stop her from trying to make extended bathroom visits easier on herself, put her on the save and have her spread as wide as she can when you establish the marks wqys telling her what you're doing, or measure how far apart her toes are while she's displaying herself in a regular chair. Make her wipe with her bare hands, then wash them after she's cleaned her private parts thoroughly.

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Inspect her afterward to make sure she's being thorough in her wiping, including just inside ways to humiliate a slave holes. If she really hates being dirty, well, bumiliate made to be taken advantage of. Asian farmer hat in some garden dirt and rub it between her legs after she's both pissed and shit.

Even if you allow her to use toilet paper, she'll still be able to feel how grimy she is -- just right for punishing huimliate slave who's too prissy. Sit in the next room and call ways to humiliate a slave when she is to stop and start the flow of pee or the slide of shit.

This is extremely women seeking nsa Green Bank with a full bladder and is also a great way to make a reluctant Humliiate do her exercises.

Without further ado, 25 Ways to Humiliate Your Slave in the Bathroom. Some of these I've experienced, others I'm having to come up with. All slaves and submissive males are given strict humiliation by their superior female Mistress. It keeps them in their place and maintains the. Well, it entirely depends on how the act is carried out and who it's carried out on. However, it is possible for some acts of degradation to ALSO humiliate. HOW ARE THEY USED? SLAVE TRAINING – Teaching them to perform certain acts.

After she goes, put a blanket on the floor, make her lie on it with her knees up and spread or hold her legs back in the air, and use baby wipes to clean her ass and pussy thoroughly.

This is a great substitute for a punishment diapering when travelling ways to humiliate a slave if you don't want to deal with changing her -- less mess and nuisance, but it captures the feeling of helplessness, degradation, and loss of slqve over one's own bodily functions.

Don't ways to humiliate a slave her to sit on the toilet. slvae

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Make her put her feet on the seat and squat like a bitch puppy instead. This is a great position for holding herself ways to humiliate a slave as in For a more severe variation, place a low chair or footstool on good fucking ladies side of the toilet; make her stand with her legs on these and let her humiliahe fall from the height. Lift the seat for less mess. It might be easier for her to balance if she faces the tank hkmiliate the wall.

She won't be able to shit standing, but pissing should be possible, and she'll worry the whole time. So there you have it After all, doesn't making her life a little more difficult and painful in that sexy, sexy ways to humiliate a slave make hu,iliate of your days a little brighter? When my whore collar goes on, my owner makes me humjliate whoever PMs me -- no matter what they tell me to.

Children no longer obey their elders, and everybody is writing a book! Redkate is offline. This is amazing Well. I've never experienced any of.

90 Creative Ideas for Erotic Humiliation & Degradation

No one I've been with has been into it. But you make is sound so interesting. Thank you! I think my master thought I'd have a bit more trouble with the list I play with piss, but I'm more hands-on-- I like to get my girl peeing sweet housewives seeking nsa Asheboro then play with the stream.

Splash it back onto her, wags her clit to make the stream stop, that sort of thing. I've humilizte made her pee on me. It's pretty funny way to head trip someone!

Or leave her in thick cotton panties and make her wet. There's definitely something to be said for wetting through panties. I think it's that reminder of childhood that does it for me KoPilot is offline.

I'd love to see 25 ideas for dudely s-types. Less inherent mess would necessitate more creativity. A blog about asexuality, genderlessness, androphilia, macrophilia, low-libidinousness, and how they interact.

Hey grammar snobs: Find More Posts by KoPilot.