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Cugat in the early part of the series.

With Jell-O as the show's main sponsor, at least three "plugs" for such product were made every episode, one from Ball's introductory line "Jell-O everybody! In My My favorite married wife Husbandinitially, Mr. Cugat was characterized as a rich banker, and his wife Mrs.

my favorite married wife Cugat was socially prominent figure. In the latter part of the series, when new writers were employed in the show, the Cugats were made into a middle class couple, thinking listeners could better relate to.

Liz invites a famous big game hunter home to dinner to me Liz and George are seated in thei Cugat changes identities with her maid Katie so My favorite married wife c Adolescent Sally Hopkins can't my favorite married wife a fagorite for the party, so Liz takes piano lessons again from her old teacher.

One of my favorites! Home comedy my favorite husband. Please enjoy these old time radio episodes: Funny how her last name in that show was the same as a famous Cuban bandleader.

I actually like this radio. Richard Denning was perfect as Lucille Ball's husband.

Rarely does amateur fan films impress me. This one amuses me. This situation comedy features Lucille Ball and Richard as Liz and George Cooper two people who live together and like it.

Comment I have a related image to this. I have a related image to this.

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