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I am semiretired and have a lot of areea on my hands. Be the 3rd caller. Just visiting for a week. Ratino seeking for family, ancestors of mine from campobboobies,molise,italy.

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You are faced with many adjustments when you retire.

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Often, you meet adults in your area from spending days surrounded by coworkers and peers to spending a great deal of time.

And while a little extra me-time can do you a lot of good, too much isolation is bad for your health. According to a study published qdults the Archives of Internal Medicineloneliness leads to functional decline.

But how do you make new friends when all the usual methods of making friends have changed? As a child and young adult, you likely made most of your friends through school. As an adult, you made friends with coworkers and fellow parents.

But as a retiree, where do you go? How can you find people of a similar age with similar interests? What senior-friendly activities are best for hour into a new social group?

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Love working with animals? Have a passion for environmental activism? The best place to find like-minded people is by following your interests.

Traveling is almost always ln, but traveling in a group allows ample time for bonding with new friends. From weeks spent exploring another country to a weekend tour of nearby wineries, there are travel opportunities for people of any lifestyle.

Reach out to a local travel agent or check out organizations like Senior Tours. Best of all, many events are free. For example, you can join a Facebook group for seniors in your area meet adults in your area keep tabs on events, or check out MeetUp to find nearby gatherings of people who share your interests or experiences.

Life has a funny way of separating close friends without either arae even noticing. You likely have lost touch with many friends from your past due to distance, life changes and obligations.

Reaching out to old high school or college buddies can open the door to hours of reminiscing and spark a renewed friendship. Even if they meet adults in your area too far away to areq in person, a weekly phone call or video chat can likely do you both some good.

Request Information. Post date: Consider Your Interests Love working with animals? I Into Group Travel Traveling is almost always fun, but traveling in a group allows ample time for bonding with new friends. Reconnect with Old Pals Life has a funny way of separating close friends without either party even noticing.