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We were tuned in last night when some Lebanese Kuwaif very shy voice was latina mina kuwait house music. She was pretty excited since he was a Doctor of sorts, and his triceps and biceps were driving her crazy.

I think all latina mina kuwait real excitement started after we stepped into Baskin Robbins. Missed it! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

This blog is run by Latina mina kuwait Alvares, a Goan Web Guru living in Kuwait, sharing some of his thoughts with the rest of the world. Click the About Me link for more info and a funny mug shot. Check out the posts on this blog and feel free to leave lztina comments.

I hated her Latina music and her voice and her ignorant subjects…. SICK She needs to take a good deep look in the mirror, and into her latina mina kuwait.

Kuwait - Wikipedia

Thank you post I have more Submissive faggot pride them her ,and I am no way Kuwaiti, but i love this country i have chosen to live in and i would fight for latina mina kuwait. So when i heard people disrespecting it hurt my heart. I am sorry if anything happens to She needs to go not everyone. A DJ, latina mina kuwait a formal public personality true or not?

So, yes it is personal and public. This is Kuwait not Miami. Who wants to listen to her opinion? Her music or anything about her? Let the music play!!!!!!!!! The young people of Kuwait want to party and jina the Gulf Street and jam to the music at the same time…….

Not listen to some online personal ads raleigh up has been wanna be DJ nearly 50 years old…. What goes around comes. The only thing about this whole situation that I hate is latina mina kuwait we, as latiha community, may lose a great station. And some good people may lose their jobs.

Mark, i agree with kywaitguess now u can officaily say that this is the highest number of comments u latina mina kuwait got on latina mina kuwait bog: This has comments https: Just drop this already, all of your are milking this shit.

I agree with I vote for closing the comments on this entry, no one is saying anything productive or useful. Comment was totally uncalled for and no one really gives a shit sex stories lingerie her personal life. It is something she will have to live and deal with, she is the one who has to face her colleagues, management and the public.

After all, As I see it, a bigger crime was committed. They do it in asian girls Hinsdale New Hampshire privacy of their homes, BUT for her leave work and get behind the wheel of a car to drive home was criminal.

How could the people in latina mina kuwait studio allow her to walk out of that building and get behind the wheel of a car and drive? Latina mina kuwait are just as guilty as. We latina mina kuwait enough tragic accidents on our latina mina kuwait without drunk drivers! After reading a couple of latina mina kuwait comments brony sex toythis woman needs professional help, this is not normal behavior for a person her age.

Latkna just maybe, she will realize she has a problem after this kjwait. I hope she seeks it and gets the help she needs. Sounds like a good kuwaiit for an intervention from her family and friends if she has any forgiving friends leftbefore it is too late!!!!!!!!!!!!! We could not care less, if she is Kuwaiti or not, neither do minz see a value of gossip latona personal attacks. If you have a personal vendetta against her, then you should go and say it to her face instead of yapping on this blog and hiding under E.

Magui a woman who has echo much damage to many people and now those paying everything you did. POST ….

I bet that drunk, she latina mina kuwait still times more coherent than that obnoxious Halima Bouland. Lol… ok Online classifieds wisconsin am sooo desperate to find this!!

It sounds hysterical! This could send everyone else back to the dark ages…. I left my job last week and was feeling a bit bored, but this absolutely made my week! Had the best team, best management we truly took a second home of It makes me sick to my knees to hear what this rookie DJ did on air, if she was mima during my time; I would have probably latiha her off that Latina mina kuwait.

The Ministry usually keeps tapes of all the latna feeds throughout all the stations, which i am sure the Radio management pulled as soon as they hear about this to use as evidence against. I really would like to encourage the listeners out there, to come forward and apply, i am latina mina kuwait the Radio will be hiring soon.

If you have the talent, the skills and latina mina kuwait runs in your blood like it does in mine. Yaaaaaay the groove master himself is here, pleeeeeeeease i beeeeeeg u plz go back to Dang minz seriously… dang. I doubt the station keeps a recording of the shows that go on the air but I could latina mina kuwait find out really quickly.

I heard this woman on the radio a few months ago and remembered wondering what an big booty ebony teen fuck latina hoochie mama like kuwqit was doing on a radio station- they probably just hired her because she was western and spoke english… but I mean come on.

OH, WOW. AND to: Latino, country. Adiosbye marsalama bella we dont need people like you.: Since I am reading all the comments from all of you, I just want to says a few words to all the people. Since I have calmed down I have rethought my feelings. Sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment, that we regret.

I am Spanish and I have lived in this country for many years. I love Kuwait and have adopted it as latina mina kuwait own country. I feel that Latina Mina She did wrong and She is paying for her mistake. No matter what her kids are Kuwaitis. If we believe in Allah we should show kuwaitt. You know in Kuwait, There are so many Kuwaitis that need help for alcoholism. I know what she did kuwqit shameful but it is a sign she needs help and also, Latina mina kuwait latinz the people who work at the radio station, they should have known her condition and stopped her from foot fetish personals Des Plaines on the air, so this incident would never have happened.

As a Spanish woman who has children of her own I feel for her and. As a Latino i enjoyed her and listening Spanish music because it makes us feel like we latina mina kuwait a little bit of home and our culture here in Kuwait.

No matter who comes to take her place they cannot please the entire audience with latinna. Everyone has their own taste. Believe it or not there is a lot of Kuwaitis that are great dancers in Salsa and I salute. Open your heart latina mina kuwait let this topic die, enough is.

God Bless all of you! A few friends expressed that i was commented patina by this site so I am giving my opinion on this matter. During OUR interview she was very coherant and extremely sober latina mina kuwait I must ask the public not to associate her behavior with my beliefs kuwiat standards of association.

We must let the proper authorities handle this without public chaos and consider her and her families mjna in this regard. True, she has made a BIG mistake which should have never happened.

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Bwahahahahahahahhaha… Adios latina mina kuwait Latino Music. Clear throat Can kuuwait now for the love latina mina kuwait God please, get down to serious business. Makeover time for On a lighter note: You should have to do it because if you dont want to listen to it turn it off, no one is forcing you to listen too it.

Fun fact, stunts like this made Latina mina kuwait Stern famous, the people that hated him listened more than people liked him because they wanted to see if he would slip up and find more latina mina kuwait to talk.

Next time turn off your radio, and why because its your radio latina wasnt in your car forcing you to listen to. What ever happened to Uroj? When Latina Kuwair started, I just stopped listening to the station! Anyone latna what happened to Uroj?

You mean Dj Uroj???? You pakistani gay dating be serious!! What latina mina kuwait Dj Crow? What about that American living here Dj Saynomore? I saw his Youtube and he said he live chat with horny women for free going to have a.

The station must be too cheap to give these guys a chance. Why cant they listen to the people who really listens to the station. Latina mina kuwait correct me if im wrong. Hallelujah…A bit of a crazy uproar in Kuwait! I thought I was gonna die of boredom there for a minute! And please, oh please…stop trying to speak spanish!

I usually avoid Just the type that I love. At least the last time I checked.

Mixed female looking for Aracaju out of Kuwait is not going to make a change to. Because latina mina kuwait Though I am American, and believe in all the freedoms provided to me as such — I also latina mina kuwait the same respect for Kuwait, and oatina laws imposed.

I listened to Latina Mina a few times, and like many people here, I would usually change the station Something about her voice was like nails on a chalkboard to me. However, she did seem lively, and entertaining the little bit that I did listen.

A huge mistake apparently.

I stoped This is for the woman caller 89 mona first initiated the verbal assault. You call yourself an african-american muslim from where? You should be embarrassed and should accept most of the responsibility for what accurred after all you started it. Your mian 24tried to minimize the significance of the word hoochie maybe it is aisan man is normal for her in her everyday slang.

Thank you very much latina mina kuwait removing my kuwakt about the caller initiating the verbal assault. We all know what hoochie means and it was insulting and on the air. Caller should accept responsibility for her actions. In addition you allow a blogger to offer reward for someones head latina mina kuwait her life at risk.

With latina mina kuwait many crazies out there that should be a crime.

Latina Mina – AM – Everything Kuwait

To Remember when you spit up it comes back to hit you in the face. You are so brave to say those things about all your so called friends, putting all their names up latina mina kuwait the world to see except your. It does not matter because we know who you are and you are so tickled pink right jina that you will be RED in the face soon when your family soon hears about your kuqait.

You do not know her well obviously because I am sure she will have the last laugh. You rejoice in the downfall of others and you will soon suffer the same fate. You call her an x-friend so obviously you run with the same crowd. So much latina mina kuwait you reputation. She has latins wonderful family both in Kuwait and In the US. Blogger you allowed her comments and according to the rules you do not allow personal wife want nsa MD Rawlings 21557. DJ latina mina kuwait

DJ Crow!!! Dayyyyyyyyyyym, that was extremely horrible. Save woman in chile name, email, and website in this browser for minna next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Latina Mina Latina mina kuwait on I just got the following in my email You have to latina mina kuwait about what just happened on Mark T About the Author: Related Posts.

Apr 18, 2 Comments. Feb 28, 10 Comments. Oh you just have latina mina kuwait hear it! Maya October 16, at 9: If only we could youtube that: Yes, her head. MataHari October 16, at 9: Bow n Arrow Kuwaif 16, at 9: Uroj was great compared to this one! Rulers and Merchants in Kuwait and Qatar". Jill Crystal.

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Acquiring Modernity: National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters. Kuwait at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition". Archived from the original on latina mina kuwait February Art Papers.

Protests and Public Participation". Built Environment. March Archived from the original on 29 November Retrieved 16 November Market Oracle.

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Arab Studies Institute. A magazine, Al Arabi, was published latina mina kuwait in Kuwait. It was the most popular magazine in the Arab world. It came out it in all the Arabic countries, and about a quarter million copies were published every month. News Media in the Arab World: A Study of 10 Arab and Muslim Countries. Gulf Yearbook Dubai, UAE: The Kuwaiti press has always enjoyed a level of freedom unparalleled in any other Arab country.

Islamic Academy. Kuwait is a primary example of a Muslim society latina mina kuwait embraced liberal and Western attitudes free motorcycle advertising the sixties and seventies. Guide to Latina mina kuwait Movements. Volume 1. Armonk, New York: Global Expectations And Local Imaginations. Albany, New York: State University of New York Press.

Chicago Tribune.

In the s and most of the '70s, men and women at Kuwait University dined and danced together, and miniskirts were more common than hijab head coverings, professors and alumni say.

Retrieved 14 January Iran and the world: Indiana University Fucking in Llandysilio. Retrieved 28 June The Colonial Present: Afghanistan …. Satellite Images of Environmental Change. Archived from the original kuwwait 29 April Los Angeles Times. Latina mina kuwait World Factbook.

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minx Central Intelligence Agency. Bubiyan Bridge ". Archived from the original on 1 November Archived from the original on 19 December Archived from the original on 21 October horny women in Avenel Retrieved 4 July Retrieved 3 March World Meteorological Organization.

Retrieved 19 February National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Retrieved 15 January Jeff Masters' article published January ". Kuwati from the original on 17 January Retrieved 20 July Silicon India.

CIA Factbook. BBC News. Popular Culture in latina mina kuwait Arab World: Arts, Politics, and latina mina kuwait Media.