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How to break up with a codependent boyfriend

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To ensure that you do not fall into that pattern, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of a codependent relationship so you can begin to find your independence.

It is time to regain your power by letting go of your unhealthy relationship and working toward finding love in a positive way. Contact us today for a Confidential Consultation.

Why You Should Break Away From Your Codependent Relationship

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Help for Codependents Whose Relationships are Ending

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If you truly wish to leave, be honest with your partner about why you are leaving. You should set boundaries for any acceptable future contact. You can also utilize a counselor to help you through this difficult time. A codependent relationship may be x to leave, but you may find it more difficult to stay.

Look Private Sex How to break up with a codependent boyfriend

People who are codependent often demand a lot from a relationship. The codependent will expect the other partner to provide happiness and fulfillment.

Breaking up with a codependent takes great honesty, advises clinical psychologist Roberta Cone in her article "Romantic Myths and Ending the Codependent Relationship" on her website Site for Creative Solutions. The destructive nature of codependency may be overlooked by the codependent individual. Be honest but sensitive.

Explain, without blame, why you are no longer interested in pursuing the relationship. Once you decide to break up boyfrined a codependent person, it is important you stand your ground.

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The codependent person may try to control fo through manipulation of emotions, according to the article "For Men: You should be prepared for the codependent partner to lash out in anger, frustration and hurt. By removing yourself from the situation, you can isolate your exposure to the how to break up with a codependent boyfriend.

Cidependent issues such as harassment or stalking become a problem, it may be best to call the authorities and possible consult a counselor for assistance.

How to break up with a codependent boyfriend

When you initiate a breakup with a codependent person, it is important set boundaries. Codependents are notorious for attempting to manipulate the other cpdependent, says licensed professional counselor Chris Lewis in his article "Okay, Okay So I'm Codependent Already!

Now Fix It!

When you break up with your codependent partner, set up boundaries for limiting or stopping all contact. The clearer you are with your expectations, the less is left up to the interpretation of the codependent.

While a codependent person has many issues with control, low self-esteem and hyper-critical behavior, something attracted you to this person in the first place.