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Christianity date started

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Public Christianity began on the day of Pentecost, as described in Acts Chapter two.

One could debate this date. For example, one could say that Christianity began the day Jesus rose from the dead, or one could say that Christianity began the day Jesus was born, or stadted day he began his public ministry.

However, this debate would probably christianity date started be a fruitful one.

The reason I pick this date is two-fold. First, the events in Acts Chapter two sgarted the first recorded example of salvation in the name of Christianity date started Christ being preached to the general public.

This was the first time we have record of the public proclamation of salvation in the name christianity date started Jesus Christ upon repentance and baptism for forgiveness of sins. One could christianity date started whether anyone was saved before this time, as the Bible is silent on the issue, but there is simply no other event recorded anywhere in the New Testament which is even a close second to Acts 2 and the Day of Pentecost.

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Another reason I pick this date is that Jesus pointed to it very much as eate beginning of a new ageā€”some would say the christianity date started of the Christian age. The day of Pentecost was when the Holy Spirit was poured out with power on the disciples in a unique miraculous way.

God was definitely calling attention to the event! We see tongues christianity date started fire, people preaching and being understood in more than ten languages, a great rushing wind and so forth.

In Acts 2 we see christiankty fulfillment of the great prophecy of the coming of the Kingdom in Joel 2: Peter declared that the events on Pentecost were a direct fulfillment chrostianity this prophecy Acts 2: Jesus clearly predicted the great pouring out of the Spirit more lesbian online free once as a starting point Acts 1: Having given my best answer, and pointed out that, in the end, one can always debate the date when Christianity began, let me discuss the actual date of good forget about it fucking event.

Given that the crucifixion had to occur in a year when christianity date started pre-Passover Seder feast occurred on a Friday, possible years for the crucifixion are AD 29 or AD The most likely date, in my opinion, is AD Christianity date started Day of Christianity date started occurred fifty days after the Passover and thus the name Pentecost and forty-nine days after the Feast of Firstfruits and thus the other common name for Pentecost, which is the Feast of Weeks.

Therefore, taking the Day of Pentecost as the day the Christianity began, it would be 50 days after the Passover 15th of Nisan in the year Christianity date started Oakes Podcast. When did Christianity begin? I hope this answers your question.

Did Christianity originate in Ethiopia?

Where and when did the Catholicism begin? What happened in early Christianity between A.

D ? Where did Christianity originate? John Oakes.

Church History: Christian Theology: A Survey of World Religions by Dr. All rights reserved.