• What we do

    Mendip Hilltop ViewGas Field Free Mendip campaigns to raise awareness and prevent unconventional gas development on the Mendips in Somerset.

    We are local people talking to local people about an issue which could have a profound and direct impact on their lives and the environment in which they live and work.

    In evaluation of the evidence and risks related to Coal Bed Methane extraction and Fracking for Shale Gas, we believe it is an unacceptable energy option for the Mendips that threatens the safety, health, landscape and water quality for the people and livestock in all communities across Mendip.

    For more information on the possible local impacts and how they might affect you please click here.

    We are in favour of clean, safe energy choices and object to the pollution and health damaging threats from unconventional gas developments. We want clean air, soil and water for human and non-human communities across Mendip.

    Raise Awareness

    Our aim is to raise awareness among all Mendip residents as to the potential dangers of Coal Bed Methane extraction and Fracking for Shale Gas taking place on the Mendips.

    We will be campaigning locally to provide people with information on the risks on these Unconventional Gas extraction methods. We are keen for everyone to form their own opinion on the prospect of unconventional gas development on the Mendips.