• Worldwide Impacts

    Fracking Site on FireImpacts in the UK

    In some areas of the UK Unconventional Gas exploration is advancing rapidly, however there have already been some problems:-

    Doreen's-StoryWatch this compelling video Doreen’s Story on You Tube about the impact of Shale Gas exploration in the UK.


    Frack Off You Tube VideosInformative videos highlighting the risks of fracking on the Frack Off You Tube channel.

    First UK fracking leak as Dart Energy wells fail

    Impacts in the USA

    Unconventional Gas exploration has become well established in the USA and there has been much coverage about the low gas prices that have been seen as a result. Similar low prices are very unlikely in the UK as the extraction process is extremely expensive here and high gas prices are needed to make it commercially viable.

    The exploration in the USA has had a dramatic impact on both local people and the environment as the following links show:-

    List of the harmedList of the Harmed – Personal accounts of 21590 people (and counting) who have suffered as a result of unconventional gas exploration near their homes.


    Gasland Movie

    Gasland Movie – watch the trailer and rent/buy the movie

    Gasland is going a long way in spreading public awareness about gas drilling and the risks it poses on human and environmental health.

    The Fracking Facade - the industry myths are exposedUnearthed video: The Fracking Facade – the industry myths are exposed



    Marcellus Shale Video SeriesImpacts of fracking Marcellus Shale (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York) Video Series



    Hydraulic Fracturing - Its growth in USA and risksHydraulic Fracturing – It’s growth in USA and risks




    Fracking hell: what it’s really like to live next to a shale gas well

    FRACK TIMES – Series of videos giving a revealing insight into the fracking industry in the eastern USA.

    Increased stray gas abundance in a subset of drinking water wells near Marcellus shale gas extraction

    Deteriorating Oil and Gas Wells Threaten Drinking Water, Homes Across the Country

    How Gas Wells Can Leak – Studies showing leaking oil and gas wells

    Three years after drilling, natural gas in Medina County well water is potentially explosive

    Fracking: 98 more quakes linked to well

    Study Finds Fracking Fluid From 2007 Kentucky Spill May Have Killed Threatened Fish Species

    Methane leakage from Utah gas rigs higher than EPA estimates

    Major Failure: A Graphic Example of the Risks of Modern Well Completion

    Study shows Fracking contaminates 82% of nearby Drinking Water

    A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water.

    Texas water crisis – fracking boom comes at a high cost.

    Alberta Government Mum on Fracking Company’s Industrial Leak

    Fracking Fluid Leak in Wyoming County

    Fracking is Hardly Leakproof

    Shale Gas: How often do fracked wells leak?

    Colorado Community Sees Third Fracking Spill Within Weeks

    Fracking wells prone to leak, study finds

    This Town Took On Fracking and Won

    Frackers Are Losing $1.5 Billion Yearly to Leaks

    As air pollution from fracking rises, EPA to set rules

    Air pollution from fracking sites elevate risk of cancer and other illnesses

    You Have to See It to Believe It: What It’s Like to Have Fracking in Your Backyard

    Big Earthquakes Can Cause Tremors At Fracking Sites, Even From Across The Globe

    Methane – Good Gas, Bad Gas

    California for the first time fines oil company for dumping fracking discharge

    Impacts in Australia

    Exploration in Australia is well advanced and has had a dramatic impact on both local people and the environment as the following links show:-

    Well-of-TruthWell of Truth/ Get Up Network Campaign



    Lesson from US gas rush

    Well of Truth Campaign Short Video #1 – Lessons from the U.S. gas rush



    When CSG industry come to town

    Well of Truth Campaign Short Video #2 – When the Coal Seam Gas (Coal Bed Methane) Industry comes to town


    Enough is enoughWell of Truth Campaign Short Video #3 – Enough is enough



    Coal-Seam-Gas---Future-Bonanza-or-Toxic-LegacyCoal Seam Gas – Future Bonanza or Toxic Legacy? report by Dr Marion Carey, Public Health Physician – Monash Sustainability Institute, Australia


    Santos ‘forced to trim CSG plans’ in NSW

    Farmers count cost of coal seam gas rush

    Methane Gas Leaks

    High Methane in Pennsylvania Water Deemed Safe by EPA 

    Tap Water Torches: How Faulty Gas Drilling Can Lead To Methane Migration 

    Scientific Study Links Flammable Drinking Water to Fracking 

    Limiting Methane Leaks Critical to Gas, Climate Benefits

    Methane leaks could negate climate benefits of US natural gas boom: report 

    Gas leaks spark call for probe

    Coal Seam Gas Leaking into Brisbane River: Video