• June 2015 update – PEDL 227 Now relinquished by UK Methane

    by  • June 19, 2015 • News

    We have confirmation that PEDL 227 which covers part of the Mendip Hills between Bath and Shepton Mallet has now been relinquished by the licence holder UK Methane.  This is excellent news for our area as it now means there are no active oil and gas companies seeking to explore possible reserves in Somerset! We are Frack Free!

    PEDL227 relinquished

    This follows the relinquishment last June of the 3 previously held licence areas in Somerset.  So for the time being the threat of immediate unconventional gas exploration has been removed.

    We feel this move by UK Methane is at least in part due to the amazing efforts of local people and groups to make Somerset an unwelcome place for oil and gas exploration, showing that any moves to explore in Somerset will be strongly resisted.

    A word of caution here though as we are soon expecting the government to announce the results of the 14th Onshore Oil and Gas Licencing Round, which could mean that another oil and gas company could have bid for any of the licence blocks in our area and attempt to commence exploration.

    Click Here to Download the latest map from the Oil and Gas Authority showing the UK areas currently under active licence (June 2015)

    Click Here to Download the DECC 14th Round Licence Area Offer Map (July 2014) showing all the licence blocks available to exploration companies.