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    The fracking vote – who’s for and against on a local and national level


    The candidates for North East Somerset discuss fracking

    The Somerset Guardian asked the prospective candidates what they think of fracking for Shale Gas and whether the area should welcome the new industry or whether people should join the campaigners against the process.

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    Wells Journal asked local candidates – How should we create power in Somerset?

    How do we keep the lights on? On election to parliament, if your party wins and you are given control over energy policy. How should we provide the power to keep mid-Somerset going?

    What are your opinions on wind farms, solar panels, fracking, tidal power, fossil fuel-fired power stations and nuclear?

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    What the party manifestos say on climate and energy

    The UK’s closest election in a generation is now upon us. Carbon Brief is tracking the climate and energy content of the parties’ manifestos.

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    UK MPs from the three largest parties support shale gas

    UK MPs from the three largest parties have all given their support to extraction of shale gas, provided that the practise is sufficiently regulated.

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    Have your candidate MPs signed the Frack Free Promise and committed to oppose fracking if they’re elected? Use the Greenpeace interactive map to find out.

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